Tim has been writing books since the early 1980s. His earlier books were on computer and videogame programming, whereas his more recent books are on psychology and spirituality. His first novel is due to be released soon.

Coping with Vision Loss


Through literature, media, and cinema across the ages, the authors focus attention on how the masses worldwide who are sighted view, and treat, the blind and legally blind. It also includes non-fiction written about and by the blind that gives great insight into their condition. The text explains what the visually impaired and blind can do to stay strong and live their lives to the fullest, as well as what family members and friends can do to help when needed, or to back off when one wants to be as independent as possible. Technological advances to assist the blind and legally blind are reviewed.

Game Testing All in One

ISBN-13: 9781592003730


The subject of game testing has remained largely unpublished as the game industry has exploded over the past couple of years. "Game Testing All in One" focuses on testing fundamentals, including how to create a test plan as well as how to set up a test case tree. It walks the reader through game testing basics, including topics like artificial intelligence, performance, and collision. It explores each of the major game genres and discusses key elements to consider when testing. This book also provides strategies to find job testing games, enabling the reader to walk away with a fundamental understanding of how the game industry works from the test perspective.

Game Writing

​As computer games become more and more like Hollywood productions, the need for good story lines increases. Research shows that stories are highly valued by game players, so today's studios and developers need good writers. Creating narrative--a traditionally static form--for games is a major challenge. Games are at their heart dynamic, interactive systems, so they don't follow the guidelines and rules of film or T.V. writing. Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames addresses these issues and is the first book written to demystify this emerging field.

The Spectrum Handbook


Now a classic, one of the first books on how to program your home computer. This book was written for the Sinclair Spectrum in 1983 at the height of the fervor for home computing in the UK. The book reached number five in the London Times Non-Fiction best-seller list, one place below Jane Fonda's Workout.